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Why can Eyejusters replace all my other reading glasses?

Why do I need glasses as I get older?

As your eyes get older, they lose their ability to change focus to see nearby objects like a mobile phone or a book. It happens to everyone and is called presbyopia.

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When you're young, your eyes can easily change focus between distant and near objects.
As your eyes age, they lose the ability to do this, so nearby objects are blurry.
Eyejusters bring that ability back. With the eyeDials™ hidden behind the frame, you can choose your focus. It's a bit like focusing binoculars.

Why are Eyejusters better?

Putting on a pair of Eyejusters restores your eye's ability to change focus. By simply turning our revolutionary hidden eyeDials™, you can change the strength of the lenses from +0.50 to +4.00 D, or to anything in between.

Choose your lens strength instantly

Computer, hobbies/DIY, phone and close-up are all possible with the turn of the eyeDials™.

Can Eyejusters help me?

Eyejusters are the ultimate replacement for reading glasses, but they're not designed to correct your distance vision. Take our 10-second check to see if Eyejusters are for you.

Loved by our customers:

Loved by our customers:

David UK

"Imagine having to buy 3 individual glasses? Thank you Eyejusters - these glasses are perfect for my needs."

Paul USA

"They are just as advertised and actually outdid my expectation. Thanks so much for making a really great and unique product."

Oktavino Netherlands

"I'm very happy with my Eyejusters, the idea of adjustable lenses is brilliant!"

Peter USA

"I am so impressed with these spectacles that I have already bought 2 pairs for myself."

Steven USA

"The best pair of reading glasses on the market, Thanks Eyejusters"

David UK

"The Eyejusters are amazingly versatile. Just about any close vision needs can be met just by the turning of a small wheel. Brilliant!"

Mike UK

"Overall, a terrific product."

Featured by the media

Featured by the media

If you have questions about Eyejusters, find out more in our Help section.