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Frequently Asked Questions

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Optics & Usage
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Optics & Usage

Can these replace varifocals?
If you need to wear glasses to see distant objects then Eyejusters are unlikely to help you. We offer free delivery and no-hassle returns, so you can try them out at home and return if you don't get on with them.
Can they correct astigmatism?
Our glasses are only designed to change spherical power. If you need glasses to see things clearly at a distance (which you may need if you have astigmatism), then Eyejusters may not be able to help you. Check at the top of this page to see if Eyejusters could help you.
Do I need a prescription?
No, much like you don't need a prescription to buy a pair of reading glasses on the high street. Take a look at the top of this page to take our 10-second test to see if Eyejusters could help you.
Can I stop going to the optician once I've bought these?
You should have your eyes examined regularly by an eyecare professional such as an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of your purchase, receipt or use of Eyejusters.
Can these be used for distance vision?
Eyejusters are positive power and do not correct for distance vision (myopia or hyperopia). They are for close-up use only (reading, computer, tablet, hobby work). Check at the top of this page to see if Eyejusters could help you.
What if I wear contact lenses?
If you wear contact lenses for distance vision, then Eyejusters will work to help you see close-up objects. They work just like normal reading glasses, except you can adjust the focus.
My eyes are different. Can each lens be adjusted independently?
Yes! Eyejusters are great for people with different needs for their eyes, as each lens has a separate eyeDial™ for adjustment.
Can Eyejusters be used for driving?
Eyejusters are only for nearby vision, such as reading, computer, DIY and hobbies. We do not recommend their use for driving.
Can Eyejusters damage my eyes?
Our glasses are just like normal reading glasses that you would buy over the counter. They won't damage your eyes and are perfectly safe to use for nearby activities.


What sizes do you offer?
We offer several different frame types, which can be viewed on our online store. Each frame has measurements at the bottom of the product page. Simply select the frame you want from the online store and scroll to the bottom to see measurements. Our frames are designed to fit most heads, however they can be adjusted to fit. Instructions on adjustment will be emailed to you as part of a series of tips after you purchase (if you select this option at the checkout).
How long do they last?
Eyejusters should last as long as a normal pair of glasses if looked after, and we offer a 1 Year Warranty if purchased through our online store. Our lenses have an Anti-Scratch coating as standard, and we include a magnetic hard case and microfibre cleaning cloth with each pair. Our frames are made of high quality materials (you can learn more on our Design page). We also offer a care kit and different case options on our online store.
How much do they weigh? Are the lenses thick?
The weight of each product is listed on the product page in the online store. They weigh no more than a normal pair of glasses, and the lenses are a few mm thick at the edges (covered by the frames).
What if they don't fit?
Our glasses are designed to fit most people, however they may need adjusting slightly. This is easy to do due to the high quality frames. If you buy from our online store and select to receive tips at the checkout, we will email you a few days after your purchase with fitting adjustment tips and other handy hints.
What does the price include?
The price on our online store includes the frame, adjustable focus lenses with Anti-Scratch coating, magnetic close case, microfibre cleaning cloth and Free delivery. The full package - there's no hidden extras!
What strengths can Eyejusters be adjusted to?
Our lenses can be adjusted to any strength between +0.50 and +4.00 D. This is equivalent to being able to focus down to about 25cm (10") for a normal person with no distance vision issues. There are no steps - you can set them to any strength between +0.50 and +4.00 D.
Where are the dials? Are they visible? How do you use them?
The revolutionary eyeDials™ are hidden behind the frames, near where the arm joins the front. They are not visible from most angles. To adjust, simply roll a finger along the top of the frame - you will be able to feel the eyeDial™ and it should move with little effort.
What is it like adjusting the lenses? Is it easy to get good focus?
Yes, it's very easy. It's a bit like focusing a pair of binoculars. The eyeDials™ move easily and adjust quickly, the focus change is instant, and with practice you should be able to focus with little thought.

Shop, Delivery & Returns

Do I have to buy through my optician?
No, Eyejusters are over-the-counter reading glasses, much like the glasses you would buy on the high street. They can be bought today from our website, or selected retailers.
Where do you deliver?
Our online store delivers to the UK, US and Canada, and we offer free postal delivery on all orders. Contact us if you have specific shipping questions. Please note, we have temporarily suspended sales in the EU from our website, but we hope to offer this service again soon.
Can I return them if they don't work for me?
Yes, we offer a 30 day Returns Guarantee - if you try them and don't like them for whatever reason, you can return them to us for a refund. We offer free returns to customers in the UK.


Where are they made?
Eyejusters are designed and manufactured in the UK, on our own state-of-the-art production line.
Who are you? Where are you based?
We are an independent UK company, based in Oxford, designing and making the very latest in vision technology. We've been working on our product for over five years. Learn more about us here.