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Why do you start to need reading glasses?

It happens to us all: after the age of 45 we start struggling to see close-up objects such as books, computers and phones. But what causes it?
When you're young, your eyes can easily change focus between distant and near objects.
As your eyes age, they lose the ability to do this, so nearby objects are blurry.

Eyejusters bring that ability back. With the turn of two revolutionary eyeDials™ hidden behind the frame (one for each lens), you can choose your focus. It's a bit like focusing binoculars.
Focus on all nearby objects and activities with ease. Eyejusters can adjust to help you with all your activities.

The changing shape of the eye

When we look at nearby objects, the crystalline lens in the eye changes shape to focus at the back of the eye. This is called accommodation.

As our eyes age, this internal lens becomes stiffer and cannot accommodate, so nearby objects appear blurred.

Reading glasses

Normal reading glasses add an extra lens to help the eye focus on nearby objects, replicating what the eye would have done.

Stuck in a bad place

Unfortunately, with a fixed lens, this means that only a small zone is in focus, at a constant distance from the eye. To change this distance, you need a different pair of glasses.

Eyejusters and SlideLens™ technology

Eyejusters contain SlideLens™ technology - a pair of adjustable focus lenses. The strength of the lens can be changed at any time with the turn of our revolutionary eyeDial™. This restores the natural ability of the eye to change focus.

Our adjustable focus lenses allow you to move the in-focus zone at any time, so you only need a single pair of glasses.

Now you've learnt what causes presbyopia and poor nearby vision, you can find out how Eyejusters are a revolutionary solution that can help.
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If you're interested in how we created the technology that allows this, you can find out more on our Technology page.
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