Eyejusters - Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses
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Always have the right glasses

Eyejusters let you change lens focus to suit what you're doing. It's like having lots of pairs of reading glasses in one.
If you wear reading glasses, you probably already know the frustration of having multiple pairs with different powers for different tasks. One for computer use, one for reading, one for doing close hobby work.

The lenses in Eyejusters can be adjusted to change power at any time. This means you can quickly change the focusing distance in each eye whenever you change task. It's like having multiple pairs of reading glasses, all in one.

Each eye can be adjusted independently, and Eyejusters cover a generous close-up range of +0.5 to +4.0D.

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Use them for everything

You can use Eyejusters for all your close-up tasks.
From TV to hobby work, Eyejusters can become part of your daily lifestyle. Now, your glasses adapt to what you want to do, not the other way around.
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"...my new Eyejusters just arrived and I'm already in love with them!" Neil, Canada

"I just bought another pair. I would not be without them." Rick, USA

"Beyond belief. Even my optician was amazed. It really is a good idea." Thomas, UK

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Cutting-edge optical technology

Eyejusters contain our revolutionary SlideLens technology. By sliding each part past the other, the lens changes its power to give clear vision instantly.

Designed and refined in-house with advanced modelling and process development, SlideLens technology makes it easy to focus on near objects, and easy to re-adjust over and over again. Once you're focused, it offers sharp vision across the field of view.
Each lens has two sliding parts that move across each other. The special surface shapes work together to create the changing power.

Say hello to the most versatile reading glasses you can buy.

Free shipping in the USA, Canada, UK and all other EU nations. Selected other retailers also available.
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Warning: The lenses in these glasses are not prescription lenses. You should have your eyes examined regularly by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of your purchase, receipt or use of Eyejusters.