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A new way to help the world see
Eyejusters Ltd was founded to create amazing adjustable glasses for the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who have poor vision. Today, we create affordable, innovative and stylish adjustable glasses for everyone.

So why do we do this? We believe that a pair of glasses is one of the most life-transforming products available, and we want them to be available to everyone. Sadly, hundreds of millions of people in the developing world live without the glasses they need because there's no optometrists to measure and provide prescription glasses. There had to be a better way to provide them.

Developed in-house, our SlideLens™ technology is the heart of what we do. The incredible complexity of intensive optical calculations is distilled down to a simple result: turn the dial until you can see clearly.

The Eyejusters you buy are the same worldwide. It's a point of pride. We don't believe that developing world users should have to settle for lower quality glasses, and we don't believe the developed world should have to pay over the odds for eyewear.

David Crosby

David Crosby has a DPhil in Physics from the University of Oxford. Having previously devoted himself to experiments checking whether the fundamental laws of physics are correct (apparently they are... probably), David decided that he ought to do something useful before he became obsolete and so teamed up with Greg, Owen and Rich to start Eyejusters.

David develops the key parts of our SlideLens technology, and occasionally gets some time to sleep.

Greg Storey

Greg Storey has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He has a background of medical product design and came across self adjustable glasses whilst travelling on a working holiday.

In his rapidly diminishing spare time Greg likes to lose himself in other countries and ski as often as he can, sometimes combining the two.

As well as all this, Greg is Cool.

Owen Reading

Owen Reading is a Physics graduate from Oxford University who got interested in self-adjustable glasses through his final year undergraduate project, and develops our relationships with partners and customers. If you get in touch with us, you'll probably be speaking to him.

In his spare time, Owen likes taking black and white photos with impractical old film cameras and has a shiny red road bike which he uses to scare slow cyclists.

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor has a Manufacturing Systems Engineering degree and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Warwick. His PhD was an industrial collaborative project on retinal imaging, after which he became interested in self-adjustable glasses, blending engineering and his research interest in vision.

When not in the office, Richard enjoys cooking from various cuisines at home and volunteering in in the community.

Ethan Kay

Ethan Kay joined Eyejusters in early 2013, and will be assisting us in bringing our glasses to base of the pyramid markets around the world. Ethan has worked extensively for Sakhi Retail in India, helping them set up their retail channel and recently obtained a DPhil from the Said Business School at Oxford University studying this field.

Ethan also works with Biolite, a clean-burning cookstove that can generate electricity.

Contact Us

The best way to get in touch with us is by emailing info@eyejusters.com, and we'll get back to you quickly.

If your request is for product or website support, please open a ticket here.

+44 (0)1865 582010

We are a small team and so may not be able to answer the phone all the time. Typically we are available 9am-5pm UK time. If you don't get through please send us an email.
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Technology Development

As well as developing our own product and lens technology, we've worked with several clients on their optical development problems, delivering value for them in design, prototyping and production. From feasibility to production, we can help you with every stage of your optical product development process.

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