Eyejusters - Our Story
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A new way to help the world see

Eyejusters was founded to create amazing adjustable glasses for hundreds of millions of people worldwide with poor vision. Today, we create affordable, innovative and stylish adjustable glasses for everyone.
So why do we do this? We believe that a pair of glasses is one of the most life-transforming products available, and we want them to be available to everyone. Sadly, hundreds of millions of people in the developing world live without the glasses they need because there's no optometrists to measure and provide prescription glasses. There had to be a better way to provide them.

Developed in-house, our SlideLens technology is the heart of what we do. The incredible complexity of intensive optical calculations is distilled down to a simple result: turn the dial until you can see clearly.

The Eyejusters you buy are the same worldwide. It's a point of pride. We don't believe that developing world users should have to settle for lower quality glasses, and we don't believe the developed world should have to pay huge prices for their eyewear.

Give & Get Partners

We work with partners around the world, including brands that donate a pair of Eyejusters for every product they sell.

An eyewear brand and a Buy One Give One Company born from the desire to combine the world of fashion with a meaningful and life-altering contribution.