Developing World Vision
Hundreds of millions of people in the developing world can't see clearly because there are very few optometrists. Our glasses can help: users simply adjust them to suit their own eyes.
The Need

Over 700 million people worldwide lack a pair of glasses that would help them see clearly. This is mainly due to a lack of optometrists in the developing world. This lack of eyewear has personal and financial costs: lost opportunities, poorer education and restricted work, totalling to a huge estimated global economic loss of over $200bn. Figures: World Health Organization

How We Help

Eyejusters overcome the need for optometrists by allowing users to adjust the lenses to suit their own eyes. We work with vision projects around the world who are delivering our glasses. They use Eyejusters to provide people with near and distance vision glasses in places where there's very few optometrists.

“It's quite amazing to see a young person go from zero to being able to read line 9.”
Developing World Connections, Kenya

“Just wanted to let you know that the distribution was a huge success.”
Morocco volunteer

“I asked him after he finished adjusting if he liked them, and he just said, "Well, there's nothing blurry anymore, and that's great." ”
Morocco volunteer

Success Stories

The experience and feedback of our vision projects around the world informs us how to improve. We want to share their knowledge, so we've documented some of our projects, as well as the research underpinning self-adjustable glasses.

Give & Get

You can support developing world vision projects by donating a pair of Eyejusters with your order. Each donation provides a pair of distance or near vision Eyejusters to one of our projects worldwide, transforming lives. You'll get a tracking code with your order to see where your donated glasses are helping.

Partner With Us

If you're an organisation working in the developing world and want to add Eyejusters to your projects, it's simple. You can buy a distribution kit directly from us, or apply to receive glasses donated by our customers through Give & Get.

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