We try to make it as easy as possible to get Eyejusters to where they're needed.
Almost any organisation can start distributing Eyejusters. With self-adjustable SlideLens technology, they can be dispensed after simple training.

We provide comprehensive training materials and the glasses are suitable for use in many different situations and locations by diverse organisations.

Scroll down to see how easy it is to dispense Eyejusters and get your organisation involved, or buy a distribution kit now.

Learn about a recent project bringing Eyejusters to young adults in ten locations around Morocco.
Project info, stories and tips to help make your projects a success. Read more →

Step 1: check for poor vision

The first step is always to test if glasses are needed. We provide 'tumbling-E' vision charts for distance and near vision that are usable by both literate and illiterate people in any part of the world.
Our charts are designed to work seamlessly with our instruction sheets and training course materials. A simple vision screening can take under a minute. Although Eyejusters cannot treat more complex illnesses like cataracts or trachoma, our training materials contain details on symptoms to look out for so that those affected can seek further assistance.

Step 2: choose the right pair of Eyejusters

There are two types of Eyejusters - positive and negative power. Our simple training makes it easy to pick between them. Picking a pair from our range of colours, however, might be a bit more difficult.

Positive Power
With a power range from +0.5 to +4.0D, positive power Eyejusters are generally used to correct for the poor near vision (presbyopia) that we all get as we get older, and long/far-sightedness (hyperopia).

Negative Power
With a power range from -5 to 0D, negative power Eyejusters are used to correct most poor distance vision problems (short/near-sightedness, myopia).
The combined power range of Eyejusters should cover around 90% of those with poor vision that can be corrected with glasses.

Step 3: turn the dials to see clearly

And now, the exciting part. Put the pair of Eyejusters on, attach and turn the magnetic dials, and see clearly.

Suitable for a wide variety of projects

Self-adjustable glasses can be used in a diverse range of settings by many different types of organisations.
Eyejusters are suitable for use in situations as wide-ranging as:

  • Micro-finance retailers
  • Social products distributors
  • Adult literacy projects
  • NGO aid programmes
  • Disaster relief

Because they're so simple to distribute, they can be used from being sold commercially through local shops all the way through to being a part of eyecare programmes as a solution for the large number of people who need glasses to correct their poor vision.

Learn about a recent project bringing Eyejusters to Morocco.
Project info, stories and tips to help make your projects a success. Read more →

Are you an organisation interested in lowering the costs of distributing Eyejusters, or a company that wishes to contribute to assist distribution organisations in the developing world? If so, you might be interested in the Eyejusters Give & Get Community.

Read the details here →

Buy a distribution kit

Distribution kits will help your organisation get started, wherever you're planning to begin. They contain everything needed, including:

  • Eyejusters (positive and negative)
  • Reading glasses
  • Printed training materials
  • Vision charts
  • Data collection sheets

As well as all these resources, you can talk to us about your projects.

Get Involved

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