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Help your friends see like they used to

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We know it’s great to give gifts to your friends and family, and that the best recommendations are personal. So we’re making it easy for you to refer a friend to Eyejusters, with our new Refer A Friend program.

If you’ve bought from us, you can give your friends 10% off their first pair of Eyejusters, and receive Amazon vouchers each time someone purchases*. Convince all your friends and you could even make your money back on your purchase, or more!

Simply visit www.eyejusters.com/refer for all the details and to take part. All existing online store customers since November 2015 are eligible to take part.

* UK customers receive £10 Amazon vouchers per referral, USA customers receive $10 Amazon vouchers per referral, European customers receive €10 Amazon vouchers per referral.

See like you used to

You’ll notice a new look to our website from today, and a new message. We want to let you know about one of the most important benefits of Eyejusters – that you can get back your eye’s ability to change focus.

When you’re young, your eyes can change focus freely. This means you can be looking at something in the distance, then look at close-up items, and your eye changes to help you see it sharply. This is all done by the crystalline lens inside the eye – it changes shape to change focus.


As your eyes age, the lens in the eye becomes harder, and can’t flex as much. This means you stop being able to change focus, so close-up objects become blurry when you look at them. It’s very common, in fact it happens to everyone.

If you wore distance vision glasses when you were young, you may start to use varifocals, with distance at the top of the lens, and near at the bottom. For those who have never worn glasses, this progressive loss of clear close-up vision is both distressing and often fixed with a simple pair of reading glasses.


Reading glasses are fixed focus lenses. This means they only give good vision at one distance. What you really want is what you used to have – the ability to focus at any distance.


Enter Eyejusters.

Eyejusters help give you back what you used to have – the ability to change focus to look at any distance. With the quick turn of a dial, you can change the strength of the lenses to anything between +0.00 to +3.00 D, restoring your eye’s ability to change focus!



Once you try them on you’ll see the difference over normal reading glasses, and we make it very easy to have a go with free shipping and our 30-day returns guarantee. UK customers can even get free return shipping, so there’s no risk to trying.

Please note, Eyejusters are not designed to help people who need glasses to see distant objects – they’re designed to replace the off-the-shelf reading glasses that provide only a limited range of vision for people who have never needed glasses before.

To find out more please take a look at our Presbyopia page here. Or have a look at the wide range of Eyejusters frames available in our online store.


April update


Back in December we announced that we were taking pre-orders for our all-new Eyejusters. We’re pleased to announce that all pre-orders have now been shipped to our customers, and we’re fulfilling all our March orders right now. If you ordered, we hope you enjoy them!

During March we attended the Wearable Tech Show in London, where people could try out our new glasses, and the Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham, with the first opportunity for people to try and buy our full range. Thanks to everyone who visited, tried and purchased our glasses – we had a great time and it was amazing to see the reactions of people to our new product.

We’ve also been featured in the Birmingham Mail and the Rebates Zone Spring Gift Guide – thanks!

If you’ve placed an order recently we currently anticipate a 2-week delay before shipping. Thanks for your patience!

Pre-order today


We’re pleased to announce that the new Eyejusters are now available for pre-order. By ordering today you will reserve your place for some of the first Eyejusters to come off our new production line in February 2016. Starting at only £69/$99/€89, our new adjustable focus reading glasses set a new standard in vision technology, and enable you to always have the right glasses.

We’ll be updating on our social media with more information from our new production facility, and previews of the new glasses. Keep following us for more!

Are you using multiple devices?

A recent report by the US Vision Council, the Digital Eye Strain Report 2015 reveals that, in America, more than six out of 10 adults (60.8 per cent) spend at least five hours every day using computers or other technology devices.

“Digital devices often feature small print and pixelated images that can be difficult to read and cause our eyes to strain in order to focus. We may also be using the devices improperly by holding them at the wrong angle or too far from our eyes.”

Multiple devices; different screen sizes and resolutions; reading close-up in bed or sitting up at a desk; on a computer or looking at print: The variety of modern day reading scenarios pose a problem for people who need reading glasses.

Eyejusters provide a solution to this problem: One pair of adjustable reading glasses to suit all needs. Learn more about how Eyejusters can help you on our Usage page, and find out about the need for reading glasses and how they work here.

Visit us at the Gadget Show Live


We will be previewing our new product at this year’s Gadget Show Live, at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. Please come and visit us on stand S35 between 8-12 April to see our new products, chat to our co-founders and team members, and see our new look in reality.

For more information and to buy tickets please visit the Gadget Show Live.

We’ll be posting updates throughout the week on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and we’ll also be running a prize draw for a free pair of Eyejusters. We’ll be announcing details of how to enter next week.

A new look and a new product!


Today we’re announcing the most exciting news in our company’s history: an amazing new product range and a smart new look.

When we started Eyejusters, we wanted to make adjustable focus glasses look as much like a normal pair of glasses as possible. How else, we figured, would people want to wear them?

Our new product range is a reflection of this philosophy, and the advances begin with the lens. We’ve made the lens units half the thickness, 40% lighter and expanded the peripheral vision area. Most importantly, we’ve removed the visible hinge and sealed the lenses up, making them dust and moisture-resistant. Finally, we’ve coated them with an Anti-Scratch layer, so they’ll last just like normal glasses. You can read more about the technology here.


But what do glasses not have in common? The frames! Everyone wants a different look, so we’re pairing our new lenses with a range of 17 different models across 4 different styles. Learn more about our new designs here, or take a look at the full range on our online shop here.


To accompany this smart new product range, we’re changing our look to match. Our new logo is a clever blend of the eye and our adjustment dial, and we’re really pleased with it. Expect to see it much more in the future! We’ll have a longer post in the future behind the scenes of the development of our new brand. We also hope you enjoy our new website, which is now fully accessible from mobile and tablet.

We plan to be taking pre-orders very soon, and in the meantime you can sign up to be alerted when your favourite frame becomes available by browsing our online store. We’ll also be announcing upgrade offers for anyone who’s bought a pair of the old glasses soon.

Imilchil, Morocco


Another great project in Morocco! Kelsey Goodman, a Peace Corps volunteer co-ordinating Eyejusters distribution in the country writes:

A group of American volunteers and Moroccan counterparts just finished up a health fair in the town of Imilchil during their annual wedding festival. The wedding festival is one of the few times a year people from the surrounding villages and hamlets all gather in the city center. We tested eyesight and blood pressure for two days. In spite of the rain, we managed to test 173 people for the glasses, and gave glasses to 55 (folks paid a small amount for a pair of glasses, with the money we raised we paid the owner of the storefront who allowed us to rent his space.)


Last dates for Christmas delivery

As we arrive in December, it’s time to let you know our last posting dates for delivery by Christmas:

US Customers

Free shipping: Friday 19th December by 12pm EST
Express Shipping: Friday 19th December by 12pm EST

Canada Customers

Free shipping: Thursday December 11th
Express shipping: Friday 19th December

UK Customers

Free shipping: Thursday 18th December
Express shipping: Tuesday 23rd December by 2pm

European Customers

Free shipping: Friday 12th December by 2pm GMT (Western Europe) or Monday 8th December by 2pm GMT (Eastern Europe)
Express shipping: Friday 19th December

Please note these are recommended dates we have been given by our shippers – we will do our best to sort out any problems but we cannot guarantee delivery if you order after these dates.

The gift they’re looking for


When we tell friends about our adjustable glasses, a very common thing we hear is “these would be perfect for my Dad, he’s always looking for the right pair of glasses”. Or perhaps “my Mum should get these, she’s in denial about needing reading glasses”.

Eyejusters are great glasses to give as gifts: you don’t need to know the recipient’s exact prescription, as they can adjust it to suit their own eyes. And this holiday season we’re taking the worry out of gift-giving: if your recipient doesn’t get on with their new glasses, you can return them during January.

But why miss out yourself? Until 31st Jan 2014 we’re offering 50% off a second pair of Eyejusters – either the same or a different colour. Simply use the discount code GIFT2014 at the checkout.

See more about our giving Eyejusters as a gift here: www.eyejusters.com/gift/