Last Postage Dates for Christmas

If you are looking to get a pair of Eyejusters as a Christmas present our final delivery dates are:

  • The 19th of December for the Free post option in the UK and US. Unfortunately at this time Free post options to any where else in the world will not be delivered before January.
  • For couriered post in the UK and US the final day is the 20th of December.
  •  Our office will be closed between the 23rd of December to the 2nd of January, we will try to respond to urgent matters during this time. There will be a slight delay to deliveries.
  • Due to the closure, any 30 day money back guarantees that end during this period have an extension until the 10th of January.

We wish you all a wonderful festive period.


How to Start a Book Club

If there’s anything we here love at Eyejusters, it’s reading a good book. Are you an avid reader interested in taking part of a discussion about your favourite book? Perhaps you’re looking to discover new genres but don’t know where to start. In today’s post, we’re going to teach you how to start a book club; because what better way to indulge in the world of literature, than with a group of likeminded individuals? As Mark Twain said, “Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

The first rule to starting your own book club is asking yourself, “What is my goal?”. Are you looking to create a book club for a specific theme? Or are you open to new ideas? How often will you be meeting your group? Once you decide that angle you want to take for your upcoming club, you’re ready for the next step.

Find specific locations that you think would be an ideal venue. Meeting new people can be particularly nerve-wracking at first, thus we recommend a relaxed atmosphere at an intimate café for starters. Request information about your selected venue to see if any reservations need to be made beforehand.

Consider how many people you’d like to have in your book club. Whilst there may be over hundreds of people that would LOVE to be part of it, a maximum of 8 people should be sufficient. The smaller the group, the better – as to be able to coordinate one another’s schedules effectively. However, to avoid the hassle of selecting who could join the team, narrow down the process through a first come, first serve basis.­­

To promote your book club, discuss with your friends, family and co-workers about any potential interest. It may be that if not themselves, they could suggest people they know who would love to join. Otherwise, consider posting on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages or any local Facebook groups. You could also aim to find out if your neighbourhood has a community board to inform families about upcoming events.

There you have it, you’re ready to start your own book club. Allow yourself to enjoy this new activity in meeting new people, or allowing yourself to catch up with some old friends through the love of literature. To enhance your reading experience, don’t forget to use a pair of our adjustable Eyejusters glasses – and maybe even recommend it to your club!

Bottoms Up – UK Pub Getaway

Tired of the daily routine? Surely you’re thinking about taking a break. But where to start? Consider doing a pub tour across Great Britain. To pinpoint the British islands effectively, we’ve recommended five cities that is in driving distance (or train) from famous landmarks, cities and accommodations for your stay.

Brighton, England:

Come visit the fashionable seaside resort, becoming a popular location for its unique cultural scene. If you’ve heard about Brighton before, it’s probably because it’s considered the “happiest place to live in the UK.” Imaginably so, Brighton has a gorgeous seaside, interesting shops, delicious food and a strong art scene. When the day is done, walk along the Brighton Palace Pier and find yourself at Hand in Hand, possibly hand-in-hand with your significant other! Introduced 150 years ago, this relaxing pub has its own on-site micro-brewery, serving its local craft ales. After last trying a few of the over 40 types of beer available, enjoy the rest of your night nearby, at the boutique guest house, Red Brighton Blue.

Oxford, England:

Featuring a city known for its top University, famous writers and film locations, Oxford is the place to be to stir up your inner child. You could be walking along the college grounds, that were used for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Imagine how jealous your children would be! Better yet, how about trying out the pub where the cast and crew spent most of their time off-camera? The Turf Tavern is the city’s most historic and well-hidden pub. Found in 1381, this is the perfect location to enjoy a cosy evening with delicious burgers and ale. Once you’ve found yourself nearing a food coma, walk over to the Vanbrugh House Hotel for a luxurious sleep.

York, England:

York has historically been founded by the Romans in 71 AD. This walled city has been the home of political battles, Nestlé chocolate factories and the largest railway museum. In one day, you could go back in time and no one would blame you for it! However, when the hunger and thirst begin to take over, visit the Guy Fawkes Inn. Yes, as in the same spot where Guido Fawkes was born in 1570. His home had been converted into a wonderful Inn and pub for history lovers to enjoy. Its gastronomy pays respect to classic and modern British pub food, priding in its Yorkshire roots. However, be warned – as the hotspot is also known to be very haunted.

Cardiff, Wales:

Visit the capital of Wales, and home to your children’s beloved author, Roald Dahl. There is plenty to do in this city, perfect for shopping, going to the theatre and trying out an array of interesting Welsh dishes. But amidst the hustle and bustle lies a traditional pub in the city centre. The Rummer Tavern happens to be the oldest trading pub, dating back to 1713. For over three centuries, this venue has managed to keep its charm offering specialty beers from its region. After getting a slice of an authentic piece of Cardiff, head over to the Angel Hotel, minutes away from your venue and the historic Cardiff Castle.

Edinburgh, Scotland:

Whilst the iconic Fringe Festival may be over, the magic of this Scottish city lives on. With a combination of its medieval town and neoclassical buildings, it would be hard not to fall in love with its charm. From its quirky shops, the Edinburgh Castle to the top of Arthur’s Seat, there will always be something to enjoy. This also happens to be the city where J.K. Rowling even found herself becoming inspired to write her first book. To finish your wonderful getaway, celebrate the rest of your time at the Albanach on the Royal Mile. Its wood décor will leave you feeling cosy, as you and your loved one try a variety of Scottish dishes and if you’re so inclined, their renown whiskey collection. The trendy ibis Edinburgh hotel is just around the corner when you’re ready to get some rest for your journey on home the next day.

When traveling, remember to enjoy yourself and keep an eye out for directions. Grab a pair of Eyejusters with you just in case, in order for you to optimise every sight, important detail and moment for you and your loved one. For more information, visit our website at

EyeFashion: The Autumn Edition

Kiss the summer season goodbye, because autumn is taking over. While we pack away our holiday clothing, it’s time to layer up. But what to wear? Here are our tips and trends for the autumn season, styled with your very own Eyejusters.

Dash of Gold:

With everyone back in town, the chances of attending a variety of events are quite high. Whether it’s for Halloween, a reunion, a gala – gold is all the rage. To find the perfect pair of glasses to match with these inspired looks, try our Olive & Cream Eyejusters. Your friends and acquaintances may be green with envy!

Ready to Rouge:

To add a feminine touch to your wardrobe, consider our rosy selection. Bold colours of this palette create an alluring charm, which could be perfect for date night. Our Rose & Burgundy glasses can enhance your style as you set out for the evening. What are you waiting for? Update that dating profile or let your significant other know that you’re in the mood for romance!

Fifty Shades of Silver:

There’s nothing like a power stance at the workplace that’s dressed in style. For your autumn business wear, suit up without hesitation. To bring clarity to your success, our Silver & Black pair can be adjusted to your everyday work tasks – from reviewing documents, checking emails or paying attention to the little details so you can decide what stays and what goes.

The Nightingale:

When it comes to the weekend coming up, your agenda is finally cleared up for you time. Grab a few loved ones, go shopping and enjoy a mimosa! These inspired looks can help you decide what to wear, depending on how you feel. From classy to artsy, you’re in control of your wardrobe. To complete your look, consider our Navy specs to compliment your elegant fashion sense.

Crème Fatale:

Running errands can always be a drag when there are so many things to do! Tortoise is our favourite pair for everyday wear, ensuring that no matter where you go, no matter what you do, . These glasses go with just about any outfit, rain or shine. If it’s a light coat, a blazer or a cardigan you need, you’ll ensure to be both practical and stylish.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our website for more style inspiration and details about our products.




The Older, the Better: Celebrities Who Aged Gracefully

From the red carpet to the silver screen, when we see our favourite actors, it’s hard not to be in awe by their performances. With the likes of A-list celebrities who have proven to us time and time again, they only get better with age. However, their journey wasn’t always easy! Like fine wine, let’s see how these talented actors and actresses aged gracefully with their careers in the film industry.

Michelle Pfeiffer:

During the late 1970’s, Michelle Pfeiffer came into the scene as the leading lady in the musical film Grease 2. It was not until Al Pacino’s Scarface that the starlet found her breakthrough role Elvira Hancock. Within five years of her debut, Pfeifer became nominated at the Academy Awards as Best Supporting Actress for The Fabulous Baker and The Russia House. Naturally, with her unforgivingly charming portrayal of characters in the film industry, Pfeiffer continued to tackle each role with finesse. Today, Pfeifer is living proof that we can only get better with age, as she continuously challenges herself on the big screen. Her hard work doesn’t stop there; not only does she support the American Cancer Society and the Humane Society, but she is also a board of director for the Environmental Working Group in Washington D.C.

Pierce Brosnan:

Irish actor, producer and Ambassador for UNICEF Ireland – you name it! Before his persona as an international spy, Brosnan initially worked at an acting assistant stage manager at the York Theatre Royal. Because he was trained at the Drama Centre London, it took him six months to prove that he was ready to become a playwright. Realising that this was most certainly the industry for him, Brosnan began auditioning and submitting himself to small roles on the television. It was in 1982, when the actor played in the detective series Remington Steele, where critics claimed that he could become the next James Bond. By 1995, Brosnan finally met with the James Bond producer, Albert R. Broccoli, and changed his career in a heartbeat. Although Brosnan is no longer 007, we have seen him in romantic comedies, including the fabulous film adaptation of Mamma Mia!

Meryl Streep:

If there’s anyone who can get the job done, it’s Meryl Streep. What could otherwise be described as a triple threat, Streep is the female empowerment we ought to learn from. Originally born in New Jersey, Streep finished her education at the Yale School of Drama (MFA) whilst working as a part-time waitress. Her mother had encouraged her to follow her dreams, allowing her to own her independence and work on her abilities as an actress. By 1975, she had earned her first professional stage debut for Trelawny of the Wells. One year later, she received her first nomination for Tony Award for 27 Wagons Full of Cotton as Best Featured Actress in a Play. She took the film world by storm in The Deer Hunter, starring with Robert Deniro as her first feature film. She earned her first nomination for the Academy Award Best Supporting Actress. With her uncanny ability to become such a natural for any role she took on, it was only a matter of time before Streep would perfect accents, songs and scripts for years to come. Apart from continuing her career with both grace and a fiery passion, Streep remains to be philanthropist and a loving mother of four.

Colin Firth:

The British-born actor is known for his leading roles as the heartthrob for romantic comedies. From a very young age, Firth knew that he wanted to grow up to become a professional actor. In 1983, Firth’s first role was Guy Bennett in the West End production of Another Country. It was only a matter of time that Firth would work his way up to stardom, later being coined as part of the “Brit Pack” alongside other young actors like Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis and Rupert Everett. His breakthrough role as Mr. Darcy in the Pride and Prejudice garnered his success, as TV viewers and Jane Austen fans alike fell in love with the actor. With films such as Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually and Shakespeare in Love – Firth has had quite the romantic adventures on-screen. Whilst he has created his own love story with his Italian wife Livia Giuggioli, Firth has also found love in being an activist for human rights programmes.

Diane Keaton:

Actress, writer and producer, you name it. Diane Keaton is the jack-of-all-trades in her own industry, after joining the scene in the 1970s. You may recognise Keaton in her first major roles in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather and Woody Allen’s Play It Again, Sam in 1972. Without a doubt, it took her a few years later to earn an Academy Award for Best Actress for another Woody Allen feature, Annie Hall. Like a true powerhouse, when Diane Keaton is away from the spotlight, she enjoys photography, writing, singing, is a spokeswoman for L’Oréal and working as a real estate developer!

George Clooney:

The iconic film star who has received a total of three Global Globe Awards and two Academy Awards has piqued since his first debut in 1978. Most notably, what brought Clooney to the centre stage of the industry was his dramatic performance in ER. Suffice to say, it may have been in Clooney’s genes to become so skilled at what he does, for mother was a beauty queen and city councilwoman whilst he his father an anchor-man on the AMC Network. This Kentucky-born star has become an international success, realising it was truly his calling to take on the film industry. In addition to acting, Clooney has become heavily involved with political and economic activism, noting his participation with the UN Messengers of Peace programme. He devotes much of his time and efforts to supporting human rights and international crises, alongside wife Amal Clooney.

Do you have any recommendations for actors that you think have evolved? For more information about who we are, visit our website today.

What Causes Red and Irritated Eyes?

When it comes to our eyesight, ensuring that our eyes are healthy should be our top priority. In situations where our eyes become red, we may be concerned as to how and why this has happened. Apart from colour change, your eyes may now be swollen, experience pain, cause eye discharge or have visual problems. Here are the following reasons:

Allergic Reactions: There is nothing worse than having the burden of allergy season affect your daily activities… Or simply, encountering things that you are allergic to. Your eyes may become red because of an associated allergic reaction. In response, your body needs to release histamine to protect your immune system from culprit allergies. Thus, the histamine causes your eyes to enlarge and to become red. Stay away from the pollen as much as you can!

Lack of sleep: Having trouble sleeping? We can tell – it’s all in the eyes. Without a proper 6-8 hours of sleep, not only will your energy levels be affected, but also cause the redness. The retention of blood and fluid around your eyes increases when you lack sleep. As a result, you often get dry eyes. Put away your phone, prepare some relaxing Chamomile tea and sooth your mind for the next day. Your eyes will thank you for it.

Drinking Alcohol: Whilst a glass every now and then may be good to accompany dinner, a drink too many is the enemy to your safety, health and eyesight. Consuming alcohol can cause your blood vessels to relax. Thus, the blood that flows through the vessels in your eyes causes them to become redder. Remember, everything in moderation.

Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye, is what may trigger this issue. Whether it comes in the form of bacterial, viral or allergic reactions – pink is eye highly contagious. However, the good news is that it can be treated with a prescription antibiotic. Talk to your doctor about finding the proper treatment to help you amend this condition as soon as possible.

Popped Blood Vessel: Ever find yourself sleeping in a strange position that puts pressure on your eyes? Or maybe you’ve looked a little too far and quickly to the left? Your eyes may be red as a response to these activities, because of a popped blood vessel. When this happens, blood gets trapped beneath the surface of the eye. While there are no severe damages that can come with your vision itself, it may take a few days before the redness disappears.

We hope you’ve found this information useful in how to make sure that you maintain your eye health. To prevent you from your eyesight woes, don’t forget to review our products for more information on how we can help enhance your vision!


From Novel to the Big Screen

Reading is a wonderful way for us to dive into a world completely different from our own. For some, it may come in the form of a mystical territory filled magical creatures. Perhaps you may find yourself in the Georgian Era looking for suitor. Or it could be that you’re looking to solve the mystery of a hidden secret unbeknownst to mankind. You may have pictured these adventures in your own mind – only to see it come to life on the screen. From the pages of a book to a night-in at the cinema, here are films adapted by popular novels.

The Great Gatsby

The American romance was introduced in 1925 by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Set in a fictional town in Long Island, Nick Carraway narrates his adventures surrounding the world of the rich and famous. Throughout the novel, he pays close attention to his neighbour Jay Gatsby, who struggles to win over the affections of his long-lost sweetheart Daisy Buchanan. In moments of passion, drama and social upheaval – the Great Gatsby paints a vision of the Jazz Age and the cost of decadence. Although initially the launch of the book did not receive success, numerous film and television adaptions resulted in Fitzgerald’s creation celebrating the American Dream. The latest adaption features Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, Toby McGuire as Nick Carraway and Carrey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Move over Elizabeth Bennet, Bridget Jones is the heroine of modern dating for older women. Without a doubt, Helen Fielding’s fictional world is met with laughter, tears and sighs when we think back on our love lives. What makes this love story so unique? The chronicles of Bridget Jones come in the form of a personal diary, sharing secrets about her career in publishing and love triangle torn between two men. To bring this unapologetically charming woman to life, Renée Zellweger joins Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in a romantic comedy co-written by the author herself.

Harry Potter Series

As a likelihood family favourite that is surely hard to miss, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has changed the world and literature. The story begins with Harry Potter, a young boy who had not realised that he would be faced with challenging adventures against evil. With his best friend Ron and Hermione, the golden trio evolve in a course of seven years, to defeat a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort. The success of the series has been brought to the silver with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

The Hobbit

Before the Lord of the Rings came The Hobbit, a children’s fantasy novel that you may have grown up to love. J.R.R. Tolkien introduced a whimsical story about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins and his quest for treasure guarded by a deadly dragon named Bilbo. The book has been inspired by the author’s own experiences when he served during WWI, highlighting themes of heroism and personal development for his protagonist. 75 years later, award-winning film director Peter Jackson produced the Hobbit, recalling childhood memories and transforming them into the hands of actor Martin Freeman.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Set in Alabama during the Great Depression, Harper Lee created To Kill a Mockingbird to recall the struggles of racial injustice in America. To share her experiences, the character Scout is loosely based on her memories as a child, developing other characters meant to represent people she grew up with. Furthermore, Lee’s intent was to educate her readers about the civil rights struggle in the South for African Americans. In the 1960’s, former American director Robert Mulligan casted actors Gregory Peck and Mary Badham to emulate what became a Pulitzer Prize, on screen.

Can you recommend a popular book that you enjoy, which turned into a movie? Let us know! While we’re ahead, we’d also like to recommend a pair of Eyejusters to help you enhance your literary or cinematic adventure. Get close and personal with your characters, simply by adjusting our lens! For more information about our products, please feel free to visit our website.

Memory-Enhancing Board Games

When diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the impact on you or a loved one may be difficult to initially accept this. However, you are not alone. According to research studies from Alzheimer’s Disease International, in 2017, an estimated 50 million others will also seek support. At this time, you may want to consider activities that would help elevate your mood, enhance your memory and remind you that there are solutions available to help you cope. Our favourite? Interactive games! Here are our top suggestions to keep you focused and smiling.

Monopoly: There have been tales about Monopoly bringing family and friends apart, but think of it as healthy competition instead! Grab your loved ones for a fun night of real estate drama. Through problem-solving skills involving basic mathematics, negotiation and considering what is the best course of action in your upcoming moves, Monopoly is sure to bring laughs for everyone involved. You may also be able to answer the question: Could winning involve a game of luck or knowing how to buy property?

Chess: A game of chess is perfect for two. Envision you and a loved one enjoying a quiet afternoon of this memory-enhancing game, catching up about your lives. Your ability to think logically by considering the rules of the game and strategising what your moves will be, will push for memory retention. While the goal might be to capture the Queen, it is all about using your short-term memory skills to bring you closer to this task. Thus, consider it a double win, if you can get through the battlefield against horses, towers and powerful knights and strategise according to the rules and the best game plan.

Scrabble: The older we get, the more words we obtain in our memories, which we use to describe our thoughts and engage in discussion. Scrabble is the type of game that would exercise what words you do know, what you could work with and how creative you can be. No need for a dictionary, because you do have all these wonderful and weird words etched in your mind – all you have to do is remember as much as possible.

Bingo: Let’s face it, a game like bingo is rewarding, fun to play among friends and pushes you to think quickly on your feet! Bingo the perfect game to help you recall numbers and letters under pressure. Consider this a healthy way for you to keep your brain stimulated. When your brain achieves this constant stimulation, it prevents the mental decline you experience with Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, you are keep tracking of hand-eye coordination, thus continuing to challenge you brain through multi-tasking. With a belly full of laughs, time well spent with loved ones and the chances to maybe win a prize… Bingo could be the right kick you need to boost your cognitive abilities.

Word Search Puzzles: If you’re the type of person who would prefer to engage in these activities in solitude, why not consider a word search puzzle? Word search puzzles can be cognitively stimulating activity, as your job is to make sure that you find as many words presented to you, scattered in the form of a puzzle. This rewarding memory game feels like a treasure hunt, and you can explore the best ways to locate them.

As you may require a lot of concentration and read the details of what you are playing, your brain is guaranteed to keep those cognitive wheels in motion. If you would like to recommend a game that has helped you or a loved one enhance and perverse your memory, share your suggestions with us.

How Stress Can Affect Your Vision

When it comes to managing everyday tasks and unforeseeable mishaps, stress is inevitable. How can one manage their job, family life, self-development, everyday house chores and manage the bills one day a time, without carrying a weight on your shoulders? It can almost feel impossible at times, because we are human beings. Stress can affect your health, from inviting heart conditions, experiencing high blood pressure to bringing down your immune system. Did you also know that stress also plays a key role in vision problems?

Long-term anxiety can be driven by stress, which causes our vision problems throughout the day. The more anticipation that you feel, your stress levels increase. When this occurs, we become highly sensitized to any movement, as our eyes respond to the adrenaline. As a result, the following signs that your vision is undergoing the negative effects of stress begins:

  • You become more sensitive to light, welcoming eye strains and making it difficult to see clearly.
  • Your eyes start to twitch resulting in spasms.
  • You may experience either dry or very wet eyes.
  • Your vision suddenly becomes blurred, in addition to the headaches or migraines that are happening all at once.
  • You see eye floaters, which are the spots that float across your eyes.
  • The muscles on your face tighten up, constricting the blood vessels to your eyes and cause eye pain, blurred vision and aches.

Scary, isn’t it? When we are under pressure, we tend to forget about the negative connotations that come with reacting to stress. Whilst we may not be able to take off the load, we can give you tips on how we aim to tackle the anxiety and regaining our vision back as a result.

  • If you’re at work, take your lunch break to get some air. Walking will clear your mind and take you away from your emails, phone messages, workload or anything that is weighing you down. Furthermore, your eyes will be given a break from staring at the screen, or being exposed to bright light.
  • Although meditation may be a recommended activity, but you’d prefer not to, no worries! Instead, take 30-seconds to monitor your breathing. Slow it down. These 30 seconds may drop your blood pressure, and decrease the aches around your face and body.
  • Drink water. To relieve the head pain which may provoke your vision problems, water will keep you hydrated and treat fatigue.
  • Wear your pair of Eyejusters to help you focus better on your tasks, because a blurred vision can only increase the stress.

While it may be difficult to control every situation – what we can do is make the conscious effort to take care of our health. Hans Selye, the Canadian scientist who discovered the existence of stressors, said it himself, “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” Do you have any recommendations on how to slow down the pace of a stressful lifestyle? Let us know!

The Founding Fathers of Inventions

Here in the 21st century, the amount of technology available is incredible. Imagine a world without telephones, transportation nor electricity? With decades upon decades worth of discoveries, innovation and continuous development, we present a few of our most honorable inventors.

Alexander Graham Bell (1847 – 1922):

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born inventor, teacher for the deaf and scientist mainly known for his most famous invention: the telephone. Education and his love for science built the foundation for what would lead him to remarkable discoveries in sound and technology. However, it was his compassionate nature that drove him to his invention. In working with children, including his former pupil Helen Keller, Bell’s hope was to eradicate deafness. Thus, his initial discovery for the telephone derived from his researching methods to transmit telegraph messages simultaneously – over a single wire.

Henry Ford (1863 – 1947):

Founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford introduced the Model T automobile, revolutionizing transportation by making cars affordable and practical. Before his invention, Ford went from engineer to Chief Engineer at the Edison Illuminating Company – whilst he spent much of his time, devoting his personal experiments on gasoline engines. By 1903, Ford and his acquaintance introduced the Ford Motor Company, after receiving funds from investors and establishing a partnership with the Dodge Brothers. Following the success of the company, the invention of the Model T was simple to drive, affordable and easy to repair, which brought in praise by the American industry.

The Wright Brothers (Orville 1871 – 1948, Wilbur 1867 – 1912):

It is evident that two is better than one, especially for brothers Orville and Wilbur who invented the first successful airplane. Despite not having received a diploma for throughout their academic career, their mechanical skills came from working with printing presses, bikes, motors and other types of machinery. Having worked with bikes had influenced their idea and belief that they could create a flying machine with similar mechanisms and practice. Their first powered airplane took flight in 1903, changing the course of transportation at such great heights.

Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931):

One of America’s greatest inventors, Thomas Edison, has literally brought light to our world. Edison holds 1,093 patents in his name globally for his inventions, namely producing the first commercial light bulb. The research for this product began in 1878, as he initially experimented with the testing of many different metal filaments and fabrication – to carbon-based, high resistance, filaments. Within the New Year, Edison discovered that carbonized Japanese bamboo filament could last over 1200 hours. Thus, after trial and error, the prolific inventor was finally able to manufacture the commercial use of lamps – marking an important aspect of international history.

Which one of these inventors’ lives sparked an interest in you the most? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to visit our website for our invention: Eyejusters… the revolutionary adjustable strength glasses that can be used for everything!