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Eyejusters are a revolutionary new way of helping the world see, but they're based on very successful projects, fieldwork, studies and trials already done with earlier designs of self-adjustable glasses from other groups. We're building on all this work with a next-generation product that everyone can wear.
Learn about a recent project bringing Eyejusters to young adults in ten locations around Morocco.
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Self-refraction is the method where an individual adjusts lenses to suit their own eyes, and is the principle that underpins Eyejusters.

Self-refraction has been validated by a number of independent peer-reviewed studies from leading institutions1,2,3, and extensive studies of fieldwork performed in Ghana, Nepal, Malawi, Nicaragua, China and South Africa. It is reliable and effective for over 12s, with a recent independent World Bank-funded international clinical study4,5 validating its use for over 12s.

In use, self-refraction has been found to be as accurate as other field refraction methods, such as auto-refraction, and approaches the quality of a field refractionist performing subjective refraction, the gold standard of refractive eyecare.

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Safe and effective
Whatever mission your organisation has, distribution of Eyejusters is easy to implement and integrate, thanks to our comprehensive training and the simplicity of the glasses. They are particularly complementary to projects that work in areas such as:

  • Female empowerment
  • Teacher training
  • Micro-entrepreneurship
  • Employment training
  • Disaster relief
  • Adult literacy
  • Remote medical services
  • Mobile clinics
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Almost 40,000 self-adjustable glasses are already out in the world, providing clear vision to their owners. Many different organisations have used them successfully in a diverse set of locations and circumstances. Countless smaller organisations have distributed self-adjustable glasses thanks to Global Vision 2020, a US-based non-profit that provides fundraising and training assistance to smaller organisations working in the developing world.

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