SlideLens™ is the revolutionary lens technology used by Eyejusters. By sliding each part past the other, the lens changes its power to give clear vision instantly. And now, we're offering SlideLens 2 technology inside our Adjustable Readers, offering class-leading focusing and near vision performance.
Easy To Clean

Every SlideLens is designed to be simple to clean - just push across to unlatch, and hinge the lenses apart for a quick wipe across the surfaces. This keeps them in great condition so you can keep using them day after day.
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Cutting Edge

Re-designed to provide improved lens performance for our Adjustable Readers, SlideLens 2 makes it easier to focus on near objects, and easier to re-adjust over and over again. Once you're focused, it offers sharper vision across the field of view.


Turn a dial until you can see clearly - it's such a simple concept. SlideLens™ is the outstanding new patent-pending technology available only from Eyejusters that has the power to change vision correction for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

People need glasses when their eyes have a condition called refractive error, which is caused when the eye or the lens inside the eye is the wrong shape.

Normal vision



People who need reading glasses suffer from presbyopia, a condition that we all get as we get older. It is caused by the lens in the eye becoming harder and being unable to change shape to focus on near objects. By adding a positive power lens in front of the eye a person with presbyopia can focus light rays from nearby objects onto the back of their eye once again.

How does a SlideLens correct a person's poor vision?
Each SlideLens is a pair of lenses with a special shape that you are able to see if you hold the lens on its side and reflect light from the surface. When these lenses are slid across each other (left-to-right), their combined shapes act as if they were one lens with a changing spherical surface. See the diagrams above or try it out on the demo lens at the top of the page.

The advantages of using sliding adjustable plastic lenses are easy to see - durability, reliability, aesthetics and low cost. SlideLens beats existing liquid-filled adjustable lens technology by allowing us to create durable, simple self-adjustable glasses that are as close as possible to normal glasses, boosting long-term uptake and acceptance.

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How does a SlideLens work?
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